Van Haaster-Nevada B.V.

Van Haaster-Nevada at Keukenhof

Keukenhof had a wonderful season in 2022, with over 1 million visitors they exceeded their own expectations. Like every year Van Haaster-Nevada was represented in the park. Our tulip and daffodil bulbs made for a beautiful sea of color. See below several pictures that were made of our stand.

New banners

We are very happy and proud with the new banner on our warehouse in De Zilk. Last year we installed two banners on the warehouse wall facing the loading dock. We were very pleased with the result. Therefore we decided to add a third one. See below the result! 😁

Keukenhof 2022

For the last two years Keukenhof has not been able to open its doors to the public due to the covid regulations. However, they are optimistic for 2022. The planting for the new season in Keukenhof has started and the flowerbulbs from Van Haaster-Nevada are being planted as we speak! Keukenhof will be open from […]